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Despite the common perception, computer programming (and iPhone programming) is not impossibly difficult. After going through the exercises in this book, you will have a great basic foundation in object-oriented programming and you will understand the basics of the programming language used by Apple: Objective C.

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Written for Beginners

This book assumes that Objective C is your first programming language. Jump in! The water's fine.

Get Comfy with Xcode

Instructions for downloading Apple's free Xcode software and finding your way around this great app-building tool.

Detailed Objective C Tutorials

Each chapter has detailed tutorials teaching the basics of Object-Oriented Programming for beginners.

Full Glossary

Ever get lost by programming jargon? Every key term is defined in the glossary so the book is easy to follow.

Free Sample!

You can download a free sample of the first few chapters of the book here. Give it a try before you buy.

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It's a refreshing take on teaching the basics of computer programming.

Introduction to Programming Page

Unlike other iOS books that assume previous experience, this book takes it from the beginning. Teaching you basic programming concepts using Objective C as your first programming language.

iOS Tutorial Page

Each chapter contains detailed tutorials to help you learn Object-Oriented Programming, Objective C, and Xcode.

ARC Explanation Page

New aspects of the latest version of Xcode like Storyboards and ARC are explained.

Object Pointer Definition Page

The book contains a detailed glossary of technical terms that programmers use. Never get lost in conversations or other tutorials again.